Studying Abroad
High school students will travel through the Mayan world, study the genocide committed against the Mayan people during the 1980s in the context of other crimes against humanity, and learn about remembering, recovering and revering life.
The course, Issues on Social Justice (IDC4U), seeks to have Canadian students understand what constitutes the deliberate and systematic destruction of a people.
Students are introduced to studies in imperialism, colonialism and intolerance leading to domination and ethnocentrism. Students will meet experts, witnesses and survivors. They will travel to survivor communities and experience life with the villagers who have re-built and continue to transcend the indignities of the past.
Students will visit the World Heritage sites of Antigua and Tikal and do volunteer work with children at one of the Access Education Guatemala Children’s Fund schools.
For recreational activities, students will learn to rappel down the side of a cliff, horse-back ride, float through caves and zip-line in the rain forest canopies.