Benefits of Traveling Abroad

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Benefits of Traveling AbroadWe’ve all seen pictures and movies portraying beautiful landscapes of far away regions, of diverse peoples, of colourful clothing, of vibrant dances and of traditions that date back hundreds and thousands of years. What if you had the opportunity to submerge yourself in a rich culture that allows you to exchange ideas and customs with locals? International travel allows you to gain first hand experiences and broaden your knowledge about the history and culture of a country. That is why we are excited for you to travel to Guatemala.


Why Is Guatemala The Ideal Destination?

Guatemala is an ideal destination for learning about a society that has witnessed systematic suppression, but has nonetheless flourished into a culturally vivacious and dynamic country. From the incredible biodiversity to the children that will want you to teach them everything about Canada, a journey across Guatemala is sure to inspire you. Plus, when was the last time you got to tell someone you climbed a volcano? Not to mention you earned a grade 12 credit while doing it! Don’t live these amazing experiences only through pictures and television; get out there and make it your own adventure!

How Traveling Can Impact Your Life

As a student, it is also important to keep an open mind about your future career. Traveling to a culturally rich and historically significant part of the world can shed light on career paths you may not have previously considered. After your experience abroad, you might decide that a non-profit organization that protects the environment is the right path for you. Perhaps you will develop a passion to support human rights and shift to a career in law. If you want to be at the forefront of making meaningful changes, you might immerse yourself in politics so that you can influence policy-makers to prioritize things that really matter. Any experience abroad is sure to challenge you to think about important issues that exist far beyond your immediate surroundings.

Explore Your Planet

We challenge you to be a vehicle of knowledge for your friends, family and fellow students. Participate in High School Unplugged and share your newly acquired knowledge with others so that we can all begin to understand that however far away others might live, we all occupy the same planet. Explore it. Understand it. Change it.  


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